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   The Cross-gate

   The idea is to return a cross back to the landscape, to the place where it had always been. The cross is part of the gate which carries its own meaning and new symbolic - itís an imaginary border between life and death. Itís a place behind which itís possible to get dispersed, in the east-west direction. To walk through the gate means to get ďto the other sideď where we can contemplate.. Itís possible to get dispersed in the landscape. Itís not a small dispersive meadow, but, first of all, an act of the walk-through.... Itís not possible to see over the gate due to a tree. The gate is related to a cemetery, itís connected to a path from the cemetery which has always existed there. But there is no path behind the gate?

The Cross-gate was blessed on Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 13 o'clock on the Stone cross hill      Invitation       Panoramio:      photos    |    Youtube:      video     |    Google Earth:     3D model
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