Modern History and Its Location

    The gate is located at the site of a former junction, on a hill. The name is U kamenneho krize (At Stone Cross). A stone cross was here since 1818 to 2005. Before, the cross had been probably wooden, according to maps from 1768. It’s the highest point in the town’s vicinity. The elevation is 385 meters above the sea level. GPS coordinates are N 49.07554 E 16.17802. The former cross was moved to the town, near the church, because it became unstable in the frequently plowed soil in the field. The U kamenného kříže site used to be a junction. Three paths intersected there – one led from the town of Dukovany, the second one to the village of Hermanice (no longer existing due to a construction of a nuclear power plant, and the third led to the village of Horni Dubnany). These routes were destroyed during the construction of the plant. The site is on the hill with a good view.


   Small religious architecture in Bohemia and Moravia There have been a long tradition of small structures since paganism ages. Origin point was show importance of different elements in landscape and make orientation easier in it. It also points on human and nature coexistence. It were columns of wood, accumulation of stones or tree planting by path for first. After Christianism spread out, on the same places and another, was built crosses and columns of the crucification. Many of this places has been saved, although there was socialism liquidation, up to the present day.